weekend randomness

  • i spent all saturday afternoon cleaning the house, in time for a shower and to have some quality family-time with chaeli, before our robbie burns dinner. we did get through dinner, only to just finish on time for doug to get called into work on some emergency situation. granted, this was more of an emergency situation then the usual emergency situation but had there not been so many other emergency situations, i might have been more understanding and patient. i had planned on getting all the choirs and tasks done in the day so we could spend some much needed, quality time as a family in the evening. well, that didn't happen.
  • neither did it happen the next evening – doug got called back into work again. this time it was before we had dinner. but… he told them he wouldn't come in until after he finished eating. food was ready within half an hour and we sat and ate as a family, without being rushed. still… to have him away from us in the evening, again, on a weekend… not good at all. of course, being called away from work at any point of the weekend isn't good.
  • while doug did sleep in sunday morning (he didn't come back from the emergency, work situation until after 8am – yes that's 8 in the GOD DAMN MORNING), we were able to spend the afternoon together as a family. albeit we were so tired that by 2:30pm, we all went upstairs, popped in a dvd movie for chaeli, so both doug and i could catch up on some needed rest.
  • i mentioned to a friend that i'm trying really hard to make sure that everything during the week, and for most of saturday, gets done so that on sunday, nothing major needs my attention. it's my day of rest because i deserve it. i am proud to say that i did just that this sunday. i needed time to unwind because i have been going almost non-stop since coming back from our florida trip.
  • chaeli and i spent saturday morning doing lots of craft. we made a princess tiara and used some stencils to draw and colour with. have to say, i need to leave time for our craft time every sunday morning if i can. it's a great way to destress even though i'm just doing kids craft. plus, chaeli loves it! πŸ™‚ i need to bring out the easal again and let her do some painting. she misses it because they don't get a chance to do a lot of painting in class (some, but not as much as she's use to from her city classes). it's my fault – because painting takes more time to set up and clean up, i get a little lazy. but once every week or two is not that big of a deal. it's worth it.
  • i actually got a chance to catch up on some blog/vox readings within my neighbourhood while sipping on a much needed cup of tea. i can't explain how content i was to be doing something so simple!
  • watched a movie yesterday while folding laundry. it was that debra messing movie, "the wedding date". man, that was a sexy movie! to think… a woman hiring a hooker (the reverse of pretty woman) for a week to mask as her boyfriend. and for him (love dermont – another celeb crush that i have) to show up not just being handsome but knowing exactly what a woman wants and how a woman wants to be treated! *swoon*

crossing fingers that this week goes well and i get a lot done, so i can have another relaxing sunday this week!

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4 thoughts on “weekend randomness

  1. i hear ya…is there any way you can catch up on chores during the week so that you have the weekend free? i know with a child it's hard (not speaking from experience but i can just imagine). i loathe doing chores on the weekends so i try to get the grocery shopping in on wednesdays and the cleaning on thursdays…good luck! πŸ˜€

  2. i am trying to see which weekdays might allow for some choir to be done… but i can't seem to find a niche in that area. a lot has to do with making sure chaeli is fed, bathed and in bed in time. by the time we're done that, it's close to 9pm. i can't seem to do anything past that time… dish washing, some spot-cleaning, a little re-organizing or some light laundry is all i have time for. and… i also do a little free-lance on the side. and i really try not to work on weekends. would rather do house choirs on the weekend then work.perhaps i need to set just one night a side, per week, to do some of the major house cleaning.

  3. jeeez miss shy i got tired just from reading you post. looks like you have your hands super full! i think you might be right about putting one night a side or doing just a little bit ever night as you go…good luck hon!hugs.

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