Disney World Vacation: Day Five – Magic Kingdom

i knew we would need an extra day in magic kingdom – so much to do for wee ones with much longer line-ups for the more popular rides. chaeli had no complaint. she simply loved every minute of it! especially as she got to see mickey. though, truth be told, this was the second time she saw mickey. on the first day in magic kingdom, we lined up for almost an hour to see him, only to have chaeli fall asleep on doug's shoulder just minutes before our turn. we couldn't do anything about it either. she had been sleep-deprived the entire trip and was out cold. no amount of tickling would wake her up! so… doug and i tried to pose with mickey, with her asleep. what can you do? these types of things happens when you travel with a little one. anyway, being able to finally see mickey up close was a big deal. she liked it so much, she also requested to take a photo with winnie the pooh and tigger, too!

what i liked about the pooh and tigger photo-op area was that my mom lined up for us, while doug let chaeli play in the pooh playground. i kept my eye on my mom to see where she was in the line-up, so once he approached the right area, we could just join her. it wasn't like we were budding in because the photo was only going to be chaeli – one person. unlike a ride, where one person holding a spot for a few people meant that those coming into the line at a later point, were taking up more seats for the ride.

and chaeli LOVED pooh's playground! she was just loving it. damn, wish we could have this playground a our own backyard.


we also stopped to see a 'street-performance' show in front of the pirate of the carribbean ride. i have to admit, i would have completely passed by without much of a notice until i heard the inmistake-able voice of witty jack sparrow! and when i looked, i SAW jack sparrow in which, from where i was standing, might as well have been johnny depp, himself. good lord… the impression, costume and look was uncanny!  i must have taken a dozen photos of this gorgeous and sexy jack sparrow JUST FOR MYSELF! because mommys should enjoy what disney has to offer them, a well.


we ended our evening by winding down to the spectacular dream come true show which takes place on the stage right in front of the cinderella's castle. it's a show that plays in interval all day long, but i suggest, to anyone that's going, to catch the last one when it's starting to get dark. the finale ends with amazing lights and fireworks, worked into the musical, which stands out more as being magical at night


as we stood there, with chaeli on doug's shoulders, watching each disney character come out to sing and dance, i found myself bursting with joy from my heart. chaeli was just so happy, especially when mickey and minnie made their grand appearance. both doug and i were also in awe… and i realized that this was going to be the moment where i would capture it in my heart for years to come. for it was this magical moment that i envisioned when we planned for this trip… it was this moment that WAS the pure magic that disney promises to all families.

afterwards, we found a spot to watch the night-parade where each float hosted different characters and were adorned by led lights (what use to be the 'electric parade' from when i was young – no leds then, of course).

we've been back for days but i still think about that night.

the entire magic kingdom (day 2) photo set > shy's flickr: scenes from 2nd day at magic kingdom

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2 thoughts on “Disney World Vacation: Day Five – Magic Kingdom

  1. Dammit, S, why is it that you always end up getting me to talk about this or that "hot" celebrity? I've always prided myself in not caring much about that, but apparently I do and am just in denial, because it seems like every other comment I leave for you is about some actor.Anyway, I'm in a rush and didn't have time to open up all your photos (also since I viewed them via flickr already), but I have to say, the one that I did click on was the one of Jack Sparrow. Hmm… do you think I can get G to dress up like this for Halloween?

  2. lol! well, it was also the accent and voice that won me over. this performer sounded JUST like johnny depp playing sparrow. i was all very *swoon* over it and was very thankful that it was chaeli that wanted to stay and watch the entire performance. i did notice some swooning women in the crowd so it wasn't just me. he made a very fast exit at the end… probably so he wouldn't get mobbed by said swooning women, let alone the excited kid who thought they were standing in front of a real pirate.which is very weird. i mean, jack sparrow is suppose to be a comical, dirty character, with rotting teach and most of the time, drunk from too much rum. and yet… BECAUSE we associate him with johnny depp (love him!) we're also ga-ga over jack sparrow.i admit it… i'm also in love with orlando bloom but spend more time ogling over sparrow. though… orlando bloom did look yummier and yummier as the trilogy went more into depth as him taking on the role of a pirate. oh yo-ho-ho-ho a pirate's life for me… indeed! 😉

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