Disney World Vacation: Day Three – Magic Kingdom

finally… our first day in the magic kingdom. we originally wanted to go to this particular park on our first day but i'm glad we didn't. it gave chaeli some time to take disney world in a little. for the first day or so, she was a bit dazed and overwhelmed with just how big this place was. and due to being so tired from the car ride up, it just took her some time to catch up to the excitement. even though, she was excited inside, i don't think she knew what to do with it all.

the magic kingdom definitely is the most magical place for wee ones of all four parks. chaeli was ecstatic to see cinderella's caste (finally!) she had seen photos of it for how long now? it was finally time for her to see it face to face, and realize how larger in life it really is.*I* love it, even. it's quite beautiful and brings back fond memories of how i remembered disney world to be.

first very first ride we went on was 'it's a small world' because chaeli was about to burst knowing she was just minutes away for finally seeing what the big deal was with this ride. i was able to catch her excitement on camera, while we were lining up for the turn…

not too long afterwards, we also went to the 2nd ride she was dying to go on was cinderella's carousel which, unfortunately, we never got a chance to go on again, what with so much to do ahead of us. never-the-less, she was so happy. i was completely beside myself of how excited she was in discovering the magic of disney…


as one can tell from the photos, florida had some very unusual weather. what should have been 70 to 80 F had plummeted down to wind chills and a temperature reading under 30 F. luckily, we had all the winter gear one needed for a day like it was. in fact, we were quite comfortable since we came from even colder weather up in the midst of a canadian winter (for me, it didn't mind so long as it didn't rain or snow!) but oh… those poor tourist that came from warmer parts, only having packed t-shirts and shorts. i did feel for them as they all still showed up!


by the end of the day, i noticed a lot of tourists walking out in shorts still, but all adorned with a variety of different disney sweatshirts, fleeces, toques and mitts…as well as a fleece blanket wrapped around them! why did they not buy any disney-symboled pants? well, apparently from what i can tell, disney didn't sell any pants in any of the stores we visited. too bad… their winter fleeces and sweatshirts are so marked up in price, due to the thick material, they made a killing in their winter clothes that day. they probably would have sold a half decent amount of pants as well! i'm be seriously curious about seeing  the sales numbers for that day. 🙂


anyway, with the temperature being bearable during the daytime, it was starting to get chilly as the sun went down. so, before dinnertime, we drove chaeli and my parents back to the resort to drop them off, then doug and i headed back into the park ourselves. the park was closing at midnight so we had a few hours to enjoy ourselves. with the cold and the fact that it was dark, we didn't have to line up for any of the rides. and of course, we decided to go on some of the rides we knew chaeli could not or would not go on. two main must-do's were the haunted mansion and pirates of the caribbean. the last time i went on pirates, it didn't have jack sparrow (and one cool effect of davy jones) in it. even doug got into the spirit as he tried on a jack sparrow wig.


the day was a long but good one… we even were able to catch the 9pm fireworks which. we stayed until just after 11pm when we decided we should probably head out and drive back too our resort. for the next day, it was our one day off from disney world so we knew we were going to sleep in and then cruise around for some shopping.

the entire magic kingdom photo set > shy's flickr: scenes from the magic kingdom

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