Disney World Vacation: Day Two – MGM Studios

well, this was one theme park we might have not bothered with… it had very little rides/attraction that appealed to wee ones so we figured it wouldn't be worth spending time in.


it was the ONLY park where chaeli could meet lightning mcqueen and mater from pixar cars.


we went to streets of america where the entire area was a movie set for NY and san francisco. i've always been found of such sets. i know it's not real but it sure looks real on photo. the actual buildings/steps are partitioned off but i wish we could have set on some of those steps. and just watched the scene go by us.

not too long after we started to line up, we could hear mcqueen rev his engines. chaeli was freaking out by now. she kept on exclaiming, "I CAN HEAR HIM! I CAN HEAR LIGHTNING MCQUEEN! MOMMY! DO YOU HEAR THAT? THAT'S LIGHTING MCQUEEN!"

man… she was so excited just from hearing him, that she was beside herself.

and if that weren't enough, even I got excited as i hollered and wa-hoo-ed as the two car celebs drove down the street…

this was definitely one of chaeli's proudest moments at disney world. she was… ecstatic. i think the entire trip was worth it just for this specific moment. chaeli got a chance to take a couple of photos with both mcqueen and mater:

the only other area that interested chaeli was the 'honey i shrunk the kids' playset… basically a playground for wee ones to make them feel like they are… well… wee. as for us adults too. not a bad playground. very imaginative and lots of fun taking photos within.


when 4pm hit, we unfortunately had to rush out of the theme park and monorail ourselves over to the grand floridian resort. it was there in which we had reservations at the 1900 fare restaurant for our character dining experience with cinderella. man – expensive. of course, the price was hiked up due to a fact that we were dining on a holiday (new year's day). still, it was worth it as the characters of cinderella paraded through the restaurant about every 20 minutes. we even got two visits from cinderella and one from prince charming (whom chaeli gave the cold shoulder to), the step-mother and both the step-sisters (who were a hoot!)


she wasn't really impressed with anyone, actually, besides cinderella herself.

and she wasn't at all that excited about posing with sully and mike from monsters inc. she wanted to see them, but it just wasn't a big deal to her. still, the photo was funny – it makes her look even smaller then she really is. 🙂

the entire mgm photo set > shy's flickr: scenes from mgm studios

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3 thoughts on “Disney World Vacation: Day Two – MGM Studios

  1. It appears we were at Disney World the same time! I was only there on New Year's Day, which was when the cold snap began. So you went for warm weather and got 39 degrees and wind instead. Glad you enjoyed it though. We opted to go to Kennedy Space Center rather than spend another day at Disney (but I have no kids). You'll find this ironic—the best meal we had was at Le Cellier restaurant in the Canada area of Epcot. It was amazing (which is really weird), and would've been expensive had we not dined with friends on the "Disney Meal Plan".

  2. i heard that the meat/food was good at the restaurant located at the canadian pavillion. 🙂 we'll, we do have alberta beef and good game meat! lol!

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