we’ve got a code brown… i repeat, a code brown…

ever since chaeli was three months old, we've had a pooping issue in that… well, she just doesn't do it as much as she should. while baby experts say that this can be quite normal in that babies and toddlers poop schedule (yes, 'poop schedule' – the proper medical term) can occur anywhere from everyday to once a week.

i would agree with them but… to the point where when a child hurts so badly while she poops due to major constipation, to me, is NOT normal. and NOT healthy. sure, it's not the end of the world but pooping should be a relaxing and 'no big deal' occurence. not one that gives a child a near-phobia of pooping. which just makes them hold it in and therefore, creating the 'passing of pooping' even more of an excruciating occurence.

well, now that chaeli is almost four years old, she's much more aware of the pain of pooping. she's also afraid of pooping in the potty (though pee-ing in the potty is now completely without any problem) so she STILL requires using a diaper. people tell me to just take the diaper away and force her to cave into using a potty, but then, as she's famous for doing, she'll just hold it in to the point where it's actually easier to poop while standing up (something to do with the direction and her ability to push better that way – don't ask). finally, she's also into privacy and 'finding a good spot' to poop. very much not unlike… a pet dog (which i blame my aunt's shitzu of whom chaeli spent a great deal of time with in her first two years of her life).

add this all together and you can understand why, as parents, our main concern at the moment is just to GET her to poop, rather to poop in the potty.

alas, it's making me worried and i feel the need to speed up the process. so… i bought her a book as my last attempt to get her mind around the fact that pooping is quite normal and nothing to be afraid of. hence why i decided to purchase the following book for only $2.99!

now, let me just say that when i purchased this book, it was through chaeli's monthly book club at school (via a catalogue-like flyer). so i wasn't able to peek inside.

when i got it later last week, while dropping chaeli off at school, i skimmed through the book while on my coffee break at work. to my horror (and slight disgust) the drawings were definitely on the more graphic side. there was poop of all shapes and sizes from each page. there was even babies and little children sitting on toilets or in a diaper, in MID-POOP! and i mean… yes… you get to see a drawing of it coming out of their arses!


yet, chaeli found it fascinating. to the point where i fear that she will want to grow up and study zooligy just to become an animal poop-expert of some sort (if they have such a job – and if it pays well then all the power to her).

plus… and i know i shouldn't be celebrating it so soon as this could be just a fluke, she's had no problems pooping this week. it's been fast and painless and it comes often. so i'm starting to see signs that we may be ready to try this on a potty finally.

i don't know… maybe the book helped her get over some of her psychological fears. we haven't changed her diet or anything else. all of the sudden, it's just been THAT easy. is it the book or just coincidence?

either way, her favourite book now is 'everyone poops!'

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8 thoughts on “we’ve got a code brown… i repeat, a code brown…

  1. I got a good laugh out of this. I am currently in the potty training stage as well. I have not been successful in gettin Jai to poop on the potty not even once. Pee she has pretty much got down pat, but pooping no. Maybe, I will get that book from the library, if it gets to that point. Good luck.. with her continued.. Ease of Movement lol.

  2. This made me laugh. I hope she continues to have an easier time … er … going. I certainly don't envy you, and am not looking forward to this stage myself, but it's good to know I have options (like that book) if we have troubles.

  3. the Ma-Ma Sisterhood group? okay… will look it up and post on it. sorry – i'm behind on things here due to a crazy end of the year… everything! šŸ™‚

  4. It could be all about the comfort level and now a momentary interest. My kids have been watching the pets, dog when we had her, and horses poop ever since they or I can remember. I cant say I ever thought it was an influence on their not being scared or secretive about it, but maybe it was. I always attributed the openness to the lack of a real bathroom door. They are in and out no matter what I am doing, whether I am putting in contacts or using the toilet. I always figured their would be a time to teach them later about not intruding on me.

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