post-christmas clean-up

since we left so soon after christmas, we are only now starting to clean up. the only thing we did before leaving for florida was put some of her new toys away (to be brought out on a rainy day – plus her birthday is coming up in a month so she will get more toys then) and throw out our christmas tree, since we always get a real one.

having said that, the ornaments and other christmas decor are scattered everywhere. i don't even know where to start because on top of the holiday mess, there's also just your everyday mess PLUS our post-vacation mess. only one luggage of the few has been opened. don't even get me started on the laundry as it hasn't even been touched.

i'll continue doing the photoblogs of our trip but i just realized that i never got a chance to share the goodies i got for christmas!

santa was pretty good to me, as usual:

  • pretty women special anniversary edition dvd
  • ocean's 12 dvd
  • ocean's 13 dvd
  • gwen stefani's love, angel, music, baby
  • a sony mp3 player with video features (from doug)
  • a new 4GB USB flash drive
  • pj pants
  • lip balms
  • moisturizers
  • a lot of yummy-goodies

Continuum Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition) A League of Their Own Ocean's Thirteen (Widescreen Edition)

and for my birthday, i got :

  • john mayer's continuum
  • card stock for card-making
  • a league of their own dvd
  • some money to spend in the states

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