Disney World Vacation: Enroute to and from

i guess the best place to start is the journey to and from our destination.

a lot of people moaned when they heard that we were going to take three days and two nights to drive there. and while i agree that taking a flight would have saved so much more time (though not necessarily that much less of a hassle now with high-security when entering the states by flight), i've always loved road trips.

with chaeli being so young and doug never having seen almost all of the states we passed through, we didn't want to feel too rushed.

now, as for traveling through states such as ohio, kentucky, tenesse and georgia… wow. very interesting! we got a chance to experience some home-style, southern comfort foods as well as some true, southern hospitality! we met some very nice people along the way… never a bad thing.

there was one small town we stopped in the rocky/hilly areas of tenesse that sold 55 cent burgers. okay… they were probably the smallest burgers i've ever seen but man were they tasty!


one thing i am not use to, though, is seeing the very large crosses and monuments while driving  through some of the more religious areas. you have to remember that coming from where i live, religion is so much more downplayed in fear of offending one or more religious groups out there. the multi-cultural type cities, such as toronto, tip-toe through much of the various religions in our area. so… the freedom of following any of religions here also means that we're required to respect other's beliefs. a practice that's not always followed, which is why it's best not to have any type of religion be in anyone's face at any given time.


thus… when i walked into our motel room and find not only a bible in the drawer of our nightstand, but a letter with a  'god bless you' message from the cleaning lady or a church newsletter/invitation to the closest community church, i only then realized how much my life has been absent of such things… i can't even remember the last time i saw a bible in any given motel or hotel within canada or any other large city, for that matter.

things have changed – it's just easy to miss these changes when you're immersed in it day in and day out.

the rest of the photos from our travels to and from florida can be found here > flickr: to and from florida.

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3 thoughts on “Disney World Vacation: Enroute to and from

  1. I've driven by that giant Jesus holding up his hands. Quite a sight, isn't it? Whatever gave anyone the idea to build that, I wonder? Bizarre.BTW, you probably drove right by me, too!

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