i think i’ve fallen in love…

last night, doug and i went to what must have been our 5th christmas party/dinner.

it was at steve and connie's place and the usual high school gang were there. the scene wasn't all that different…

great food… a lot of kids running around… a couple of babies crawling/toddling about… beer… wine… christmas decor… secret santa present exchange for the kids… good friends and great conversations…

but one thing… no, one entity, was new. it seemed harmless enough, at first. the black beauty was the last to arrive, being carried in ssq's right hand. at first, i thought it was just a child's toy, but not too long after, i was told that it was for guitar hero III.

i watched a couple of my friends, 'the experts', play. they asked me if i wanted to give it a try. to be honest, i foolishly thought it wasn't going to be all that great as they claimed it to be.

and yet… it only took one song… just one song that lead me down, spiraling, towards the dark depths of a dangerous love affair. after that, my hands started to itch after being away from it for too long. the withdrawal effects came on fast and feverishly and only subdued when i found it back in my arms again.

oh… had i had a chance i would have taken it away with me, where we could be locked together for hours on our own. even now, as i type, i feel the crave to feel the rhythmic beat… my body feels lost without cradling it against my torso.


okay… so i admit i allowed myself to, yet again, be seduced by a video game.

i'm pretty sure my husband was jealous last night. šŸ™‚

anyway – this is definitely another one for my wish list!

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9 thoughts on “i think i’ve fallen in love…

  1. You're so funny. At the beginning of the night I was the one complaining about wanting a Wii, and within 2 minutes of getting your hands on this little plastic guitar, I think your desire for it far surpassed mine. I played, twice, and I think I got about 2% of the notes hit. Right when we were leaving they brought out some cooking mama game for the kids and I told them they should have brought that out long before for me to play! Much more my pace. Not to mention that 5 straight hours of blaring heavy metal music is 4 hours and 59 minutes more than I can handle. lol.

  2. strangely enough, i'm more into retro-heavy rock/metal now then i use to be! :)i want to get a wii now but am afraid of how much time i'd waste if i got one. better to just crash the quon's or the tan's place and get my fix that way! :p

  3. One of my favorite memories will always be my sister a couple of Christmasses ago rockin' out with Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll" (Guitar Hero I) while 6 months pregnant. How ridiculous that little black guitar looks sticking out from a preggo belly!

    (my video-game-designing husband is looking over my shoulder while I read and type saying, "I told you so, mainstream girls LOVE video games! What are you afraid of??")

  4. lol! i don't know if i'm 'mainstream' to be honest. i may look it but anyone who knows me in real life understands the geek in me. :)but i think guitar hero totally can appeal to the general audience. i'm not so into those saga games like final fantasy, for example. it would devote way too much of my time.

  5. I gave my husband this for Christmas and I tried it out. Maybe it's just me but I'm probably the 1% that wasn't really into it. It's a cool game though or maybe I just need to play with it more. I think I enjoyed playing Katamari Damacy better but that's just me. hahaha…

  6. welcome to the deliciously dark world of guitar hero! i have this game for the wii also and am about 15 songs away from beating it in "hard". i'm determined to beat the game at all levels but i'm a little afraid what "expert" will be like. =P

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