7th day of rest

doug still doesn't understand my obsessive need to get things done early, not just in a day's work, but in a week's work.

i know he's more laid back then i am, but there's laid back and then there's just being a ridiculous procrastinator.

my way of living is to work hard and then enjoy the benefits of having extra time at the end of the day, or week, to relax. which is why i prefer to clear sundays of any major responsibilities. the most i may do is the laundry (which runs on it's own while i sit to read, drink tea and/or blog – though right now, i'm enjoying a glass of white wine) and well, that's all i prefer doing.

i'm pretty agnostic when it comes to religion (though i do have a spiritual side), yet i think christiantity has it figured out pretty well… sunday is the day of rest.

though, today, i've moved the lap top to the living room, put on the christmas tunes compilation i recently created, and am being close to both doug and chaeli as we spend the afternoon putting up the christmas decoration and dressing up our tree.

i even cleaned up and did some minor repairs of the miniature wooden, rocking horse and sleigh that i purchased last weekend at value village. i'm so happy with my purchases. i know it's not a big deal, but it's not even about the money that i saved… i mean, i spent $11 total on these two items. and i'm sure had i bought them new, the retail value would have been anywhere from $25 to $35 (or more) in total. it's just that there's something extremely satisfying about finding something that's been made of use from others… there's something cool about bringing home a purchase that one has to work at finding and cleaning up. perhaps there's also the mystery of where it came from and who used it. was it loved by another child that saw it as part of his/her christmas from year to year?

anyway, i took some photos to share. the horse still has an elastic band around it's head because i'm waiting for the glue to set (the ear was starting to come off):

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