photoblog: wedding anniversary part I – SF

so, while it's true that we went to north california for our fourth wedding anniversary, another major reason was because of these people…

specifically, the little one in the middle, known as little-bear. of course, mad-boy and noodle were a good reason to go to SF as well. 🙂 i specifically enjoyed watching mad-boy as a father. it was just a couple of years ago that he visited chaeli for the first time (then about 5 months) when he was terrified of holding her.

however, it was apparent that he enjoyed her company, but was afraid of holding babies in general.

now to see him as a father himself? oh… it was so awesome! he's such a wonderful father. and noodle, a wonder mother. but mad-boy was the one i met online, met up with for coffee when he was in town as the first face-to-face meeting, then partying it up with him (and dating a friend of his) the following christmas… we had a real connection that was hard to explain. it sometimes saddens me that i can't see him (the both of them) more often.

we've grown since six years ago but i'm always enjoying his company each time i see him. our friendship no longer involves any crazy and wild adventures… it's so much more down to earth now but i think that's natural in a lot of friendships over the years. plus, i love noodle. she can set him straight when he needs it. ha ha!

they have a lovely house in a great area… and in their backyard, they have this beautiful garden where at least one plant or tree is blooming so that they have some type of flower opening up at any given time of the year.

the above photo is my favourite… a light purple flower in a tree.

one thing about san francisco are the houses. the streets spreading from downtown SF are very hilly. looking across the city, it's like seeing layers behind layers of houses. usually, it's ideal for houses not to be so close to one another but in SF, due to the unique styles of the houses, the closeness works.

for whatever reason, whenever i go to SF, i like to stick my camera out the window and do drive-by photo shoots. it's quite random at times which gives delightful surprises such as the one above. there's just so much to capture on film that something always comes out as worth keeping.

we only went down to the financial-downtown area one. it was for dim sum. ironically, while i come from a part of toronto where there are a lot of chinese restaurants, doug and i haven't had dim sum for quite a lengthy time. so when mad-boy and noodle suggested dim sum for sunday brunch, we jumped at the suggestion.

and for the first time for the entire weekend, they let us treat!

food was great though definitely pricier then that of toronto dim sum. it was worth it though – there were a few dishes that were a little unique. my favourite was a fried tofu wrapped in seafood. the inside was minced with seafood – yum!

rest of the photos, plus description, can be found here:

flickr photo set: scenes from san francisco

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