miss o’funky hat

chaeli's latest fashion item is her funky, fall hat. it's a huge hit at school amongst her teachers.

they ask her, as a joke, if chaeli could part with the hat so they could have it. this use to be answered with a giggle and a, "nooooo… too small for you!"

but now, the answer has to do with the value of a dollar.

we've been teaching chaeli that money just doesn't grow on trees. and while she wants us to buy her everything she sees on t.v. and/or at the store, i've been constantly reminding her how expensive everything can be, especially if we buy even half of what she's been asking us to buy her.

i've also been reminding her that if we spend all our money on toys now, we won't have any money left for christmas presents and, even worse, our trip to walt disney world.

so, keeping this in mind, her answer now to a teacher that asked if she could have the hat was, "oh no… it's very expensive! it's too expensive for you!" though… she pronounces it 'expensable.'

of course, whenever we hear these chaeli-stories from the teachers, i can't help but feel that i have to explain why chaeli is telling her teachers all day long that everything chaeli touches/makes is very 'expensable' and i cringe as to wonder what else chaeli tells them.

makes me just a tad nervous.

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One thought on “miss o’funky hat

  1. I think a teacher or another parent are most likely to to understand the simple explanation, we are trying to teach her about money and using it wisely. Still with kids something always gets lost in translation doesn't it, and it always seems to get lost in which ever way is most embarrassing.

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