QotD: Work It On Out

Do you have a regular workout routine?  What's your favorite form of exercise?

lately, i've been using a cross-training, cardio machine at my gym called, 'arc trainers'.

it's definitely the best cardio machine (aside from a really good treadmill) that i've ever tried. for one thing, it's low impact. which is a must for me and my much older body from before having a kid. however, it really does give a great workout from the abs all the way down to my calves. i switch this one with another advanced arc trainer which also uses the arm for a total body workout.

both incline and resistance can be altered throughout the workout.

an even more recent find is the hip-hop abs series:

not only is this a super fun way to work the abs and burn calories, but the instructor is just adorable! he is the least annoying instructor i have ever seen… aside from kathy smith. she's still the queen fitness guru in my opinion.

currently, i'm doing the 'fat burning cardio' for the time being. lots of fun! even though i totally lack any hip-hop coordination at all. i'm sure it would be quite entertaining to watch me try to do the dance moves.

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