yeah, i know. it's not THE most imaginative way to decorate one's house. but for those that lack the money nor the time/energy to REALLY design a house, it's quite easy to coordinate with ikea furniture. i have a friend who did just that and i have to admit, his place looks pretty good.

they had a no-tax sale so we headed over this morning so we could start our day with their $1 breakfast – scrambled eggs (which tastes good only if you have it with ketchup), 2 breakfast sausages (not bad), a croissant and an adequate serving of home fries (very yum!) another dollar more gets you coffee and/or milk. so for the three of us, after tax, it only came out to $6 and some change.

not bad at all.

but the real reason why we went was because we are in desperate need of a storage shelf for our dvd's. we have been cramming it in the bottom shelf of our mere, 2-shelf stand that we have our t.v. on upstairs. as we're going to shop for a new receiver to go with our dvd player and digital cable box, i figure we needed more room than our old ikea, entertainment stand could offer. it's hardly an entertainment stand, though. it was doug's during his bachelor years… but hey! it's white which matches the trim of our bedroom AND OUR NEW DVD/BOOK SHELF!

the glass door was an extra splurge. the shelf itself was only $49. but the glass door added another $60. it just makes it look more… adult. rather then like a college student type shelf.

anyway… after dinner, we're going to put it together and then i'll get a luxurious hour or so to organize our dvd's in alphabetical order. as well as a shelf or two just for chaeli's dvds. ahh… to get to organize… i'm almost feeling a buzz just thinking about it!

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3 thoughts on “ahhh-kea!

  1. We drove partway into the ikea parking lot… took forever just to get to a spot (not even near the actual parking spots yet) large enough to turn around and boot home. I just can't imagine the lineups, if that's what it was like just getting in the driveway.We wanted some cheap sheets and some $1.99 dinners. 🙂

  2. it was definitely crazy-busy. i would think going in the mornings of a weekday would be better? not sure.but when i retire, i'm going to spend a lot of time in ikea during mid-week. 🙂 but on weekends, it's best to get there right when it opens. especially for breakfast. but for shopping in general.we went straight to the 2nd parking level around 10am last saturday. lots of parking available on that 2nd level. this is the north york location, btw.

  3. I used to go to Ikea all the time with M! I've only done it a few
    times since H's arrival, but it's such a kid-friendly place that I
    would literally go just to get us out of the house and I couldn't think
    of anywhere else to go.

    And no, even the ny location isn't too busy during the week.

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