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okay… so i'm not suggesting this to everyone but if you're as anal as i am, i've created a collection of profile images to match all of the recent themes and holiday styles i've made (and some of the archived ones). in all honesty, i don't even like that we can't turn off this profile picture above the 'about me' section. so for times i wish to get rid of it, i've also included a 'blank_p.gif' that i can add, then delete from my photos. this will essentially force the layout back to the default mode… or the old vox layout style where you don't have any photo up there… period! (simply just add the 'blank_p.gif' to your photo collection, edit your profile picture from your uploaded file of your photo collection, save your profile, then go back to delete the file from your photos)

i love vox, but sometimes adding too much ruins a perfectly working design. however, if they are to add all these extra features, there should be more control of turning them on/off for the users. my one beef about the personalized design area, for example, is that we still lack control over choosing the font colours, sizes and style. at least if i was given a font colour, i could have way more liberty in banner designs rather then try to make sure that there's enough contrast of my background banner colour and the font colour forced upon us.

yes, i know. i should just be grateful of the free use of vox and that we even get the ability to personalize most of the layouts… but as a designer, i'm always itching for more control. and well.. whenever i see a wonderful product or service go the roots of 'dummifying' the controls for that of the users, i can't help but to think… 'damn. another one follows the trail of microsoft…' (any designers reading this will understand the frustrations of microsoft – in that we stay clear of it when all possible but end up with clients that send us things in microsoft format – ugh! doing a layout in microsoft is NOT DESIGNING!!!)

anyway, only for those that are even close to as anal as i am, here you go:

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2 thoughts on “profile theme images

  1. I totally agree with everything you've written. Thank you so much for sharing not only your Vox banners but also coordinating profile images. You're awesome! 😀

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