vox banners: garden of eden

well, here are some more vox banners. these ones are called 'garden of eden.' not sure why i called it that. it just felt right. anyway, these are meant to be playful in a simple, manner. enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “vox banners: garden of eden

  1. oh, i know. it's terrible in that i don't do any banners for months and months… and then all of the sudden, it just pours out all at once. like a banner-explosion! lol!

  2. These are so cute, clean and whimsical! I love them, especially the grey one.I also love your new sets of profile pictures that coordinate with your new banners. What an awesome idea!

  3. lol! yeah – i'm so anal that way. and because i didn't like that 'extra' profile image (seems so redundant), i decided to make matters in my own hands. though, i really don't like that grey box they put around everything. at the least, they should make that grey box much lighter.

  4. I agree, the grey border around the profile image should be lighter. Maybe it should be the same color as the horizontal lines separating each module in the sidebar so it won't seem so out of place.

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