vox banners: hip hop and floral swirls

the first set was inspired by a recent young person i met. her boyfriend is in the dj business. the two of them are into hip hop. and man – i definitely feel my age when i hear about their social life. but i enjoy listening to her – a good kind of energy! anyway… here's a very clean, hip-hop-like banner theme, inspired by her boyfriend's flyers/postcards.

the next set deals with some colour experimentation. some are just to match the tri-colour shades of the new box colour themes while others have complimentary colours in the main colour schemes. illustrator brushes (above and below) can be found at bitbox.


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6 thoughts on “vox banners: hip hop and floral swirls

  1. These are awesome! The black and orange hip circles on the crisp white background is very refreshing, and the layering of the elegant swirls and flourishes in the Floral banners are divine. I love the Floral banners so much I don't know which color scheme to choose. They're so beautiful and exquisite, and exactly what I've been looking for in a Vox banner. I'm so in love that I'm inclined to try out each color on my blog per week/month, with your permission, of course. (I would give you full credit.)

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