an autumn kind of saturday

  • i'm about a third into armistead maupin's 'tales of the city' of which my idea to pick this series up was from greg. so far, i'm enjoying the back and forth drama from one character to another. at first, it took some time getting use to. maupin's style of writing is that he writes short snippets of their lives, never dwelling on each character for too long before jumping to another, and then back again. reminds me of the movie 'love actually' where there are a dozen or so storylines an the two hour movie consists of jumping from one storyline to another until, at the end, everything seems to come together in some ways, on christmas day. watching this way of story-telling is one thing. reading it is another. for the latter, it took me some time to get into the flow of it but once once i got use to it, i started to get more in-depth into each plot. plus, it's fun reading a book that takes place in the 70's.

  • today, my parents have chaeli and doug is still away on business trip. it's my full day of complete freedom and solitude. i'll be heading out to a party where all my friends will be so this morning, after working out for an hour at the gym, i stopped off at kitchen stuff plus to pick up some winter water mint hand lotion and hand soap set. these friends, di and rick, just moved into their new home about the beginning of summer but i've only been able to attend this party of theirs (missing the house warming). i hate coming empty handed into a new house of a friend's. even though they have everything already, it's always a nice touch to give them a house warming gift.
  • while i was there, i also bought a belated birthday gift for my FIL and a leather-bound box that files away media in the forms of cd or dvd (meant for the office) as an early birthday gift to my BIL.
  • i also stopped for some groceries and ended up spending way more then i had planned. but due to my cleansing ritual last weekend, continuing this weekend as well, i needed to replenish our supplies of cleaning products. not that i've used up everything, but i decided to splurge with some more cleaning tools – toilet bowl bleach and cleansing tablets and a duster system where the end is disposable. as you probably can see, i'm becoming very obsessive of having a clean toilet. and due to my allergies, i need to minimize dust.
  • i also bought enough food for both chaeli and myself for the next two weeks. remember, doug is the real cook. i do whatever i can to get by. i do tend to create a balanced meal, though. but i always take short cuts. so… for this week, i'm afraid that chaeli will see a lot of those instant side dishes of rice or pasta. she'll get her broccoli, cauliflower and carrots all fresh, though. and as for the main entree, i've got some chicken breasts, frozen pizza, frozen wings and well… there's always eggs made anyway we like.
  • as a little reward to myself for getting up at 7:30 am (well, 8:00 am was when i really rolled out of bed) to have a light breakfast and head to the gym at 9:00 am, i bought myself a $10 10-day bouquet. yes… our grocery store sells these… not too expensive but so pretty. i needed to celebrate the fact that i've kept the dining room table completely clean for the entire week!

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One thought on “an autumn kind of saturday

  1. yeah his style is very unusual for its time. but it was written originally as a newspaper column, so that's why they are so short. and i guess he just got used to writing in that style.
    don't read all of them too close together, though. they can start to annoy you all at once…like renting a DVD of a tv show that you have to watch ALL of in three days.

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