russell peters

doug and i just finished watching 'outsourced', the live stand-up show of russell peters.

i haven't laughed so hard from a stand-up comic in so long. but peters had me gasping for air. i simply do not know how he does it. but he's able to make fun of every culture/race without coming off to be offensive to me.

perhaps it's because it's evident of his one message… there's no one race/culture that is superior… and each one has something to be proud of but at the same time, each one has racism and faults.

plus, he seems to only perform in multi-cultural cities.

doug and i were wondering if his parents would like it… but we decided not to even bring it up. i'm not sure if they would get the humour. i think its helps to have some level of understanding of what it's like to live in a multi-cultural area to truly find his work entertaining.

in anything, by the end of the show, i found myself proud to be chinese… proud to be asian… and proud to be living in a multi-cultural city. through all his jokes and witty banter, in the end, i was just even happier to be living where i am.

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2 thoughts on “russell peters

  1. HAHA! Yes, Russell Peters is a hoot! He's a hell of a comedian and yeah, it's nice to see that no one is spared the jokes. He skirts a really thin line between being hilarious and offensive but somehow he manages to stay on the hilarious side.

  2. holy crap i LOVE russell peters! the first time i saw this clip i was DYING! but then i realized it was just as funny every time i saw it afterwards.

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