le grand bleu

after 19 years of seeing it on the big screen, i finally got my hands on a borrowed copy of 'le grand bleu' (a.k.a. 'the big blue' here in n. america).

this was a hard dvd to find. the rental places do not carry even one copy. the library didn't have it. i was nearly close to buckling down and paying the $35.00 it would have cost from amazon.

of course, after watching it again, i'm now convinced that i have to have my own copy… even if it does cost more then i usually pay for a single dvd. but i think it's worth having this movie in my collection.

while this movie, which i watched as a young teen, has made a lasting impression on me all these years and can definitely be in my top three favourite movies of all times, i love even more so now, after watching it again a second time. perhaps it's my age and my, so far, life's experiences, that makes me appreciate this movie more.

i had thought it was going to seem dated and old but no… for the most part, it still feels timeless.

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2 thoughts on “le grand bleu

  1. Fantastic movie! We have the dvd, and I keep a copy on my iPod. I didn't know it was so hard to find. I first watched the Japanese VHS version, which my wife had. I got the dvd for her birthday several years back I think.I love the black and white footage from the beginning of the movie. It's great.

  2. it's easy to get on amazon but all these years, i've never been able to find it in the rental places after it first came out as a rental. but then, i guess, it was just one of those movies that weren't 'blockbuster' enough to get multiple copies.and it's $35 now, which is the cheapest it's been in years. but even that is expensive to me, for a dvd. but i think it will be worth it. especially if there are cool special features on it.i know only a handful of people who know/remember this movie. i don't know why – it's such a fantastic movie! and you're so lucky to have it on your ipod! i'm jealous! 🙂

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