QotD: Trading Places

Who would you like to trade places with for one day and why? 
Submitted by Nathalie.

who ever happens to be romantically involved with john cusack for the time being.

shh! don't tell my husband!

(actually, he already knows that john cusack is the only man i would leave him for!)

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9 thoughts on “QotD: Trading Places

  1. this reminds me of the convo we had about john cusack and kiefer sutherland. i met a friend of the bf's over the weekend and he looked a lot like kiefer! if i had met him in the height of my kiefer crush i probably would have been staring at him all night.

  2. i had a mad kiefer crush back in the 80's, circa lost boys and young guns.i still have a tiny crush on him, which resurfaced when he started his 24 t.v. series. but this time, i think it's mainly due to his character, jack bauer. we must remember that jack bauer kicks ass. always.but my crush for john cusack has NEVER changed. not from the moment i saw him in 'say anything'. it was love at first site! 🙂

  3. i haven't seen him in an interview for quite some time. i don't think he's the type one would find getting interviewed a lot. he seems very private. which, to me, has always been very a smart move for celebs to do.but of the handful of interviews (a couple from late-night talk shows), oh… i would say that he's all kinds of sexy! he seems down to earth AND mysterious at the same time. but… intelligent, witty and with a sweet smile. it's a deadly combination.i know he is never the year's top sexy man (from people magazine, i think?) but for me… john cusack is always taking back sexy from them… EVERYDAY! 🙂

  4. Seriously. Your profile photo is starting to creep me out. Can I assume that when the current swoonfest is over you'll be changing it back? Or is this a permanent thing now? You crack me up.

  5. lol! i will change it back, of course! 🙂 probably soon… it's weird seeing some one else's face next to my comments here and on other voxer's posts. even if it IS the great john cusack's face!

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