pub fare and boddingtons

my parents have chaeli for the weekend… i'm trying to do this once every month or two so doug and i can catch-up on sleep and on each other. it's amazing how easy it is to get into the daily grind and not realize how much time has passed since we re-connected.

last night, though tired as he may be from working from 3am to 6pm, we went to a pub we just discovered called the major milliken which is a historical house built in the late 1800's. doug had a crazy week at work and needed a couple of pints. i needed only half a pint but more so, was craving for traditional, british-style, fish and chips. which, i might add, was quite amazing. and i AM very picky about my fish and chips. if it's not traditionally made the way an english pub is suppose to make it, i wouldn't even bother returning… when i go to a pub, i want a  real pub. with pub fare and at least having both guiness and boddingtons on tap. otherwise, why bother calling themselves a pub?

it was a really cozy place. i loved the interior. but the waitress (and i believe part owner?) was a bit odd. a bit too chatty for me. at one point, i hadn't realized that my sandals were off and my legs crossed in my chair (it's my natural way of sitting after sitting for too long). i do this without thinking.

the waitress came over to me and said, "i'm going to have to ask you to put your shoes back on… this IS a restaurant and we just had all the chairs cleaned."

i mumbled an apology and immediately put my shoes back on. but was in shock with not what she said, but how she said it. i've been to so many restaurants where most don't care that i cross my legs. and i know it is an odd habit and i wouldn't do it in a really fancy place. but out in the patio? at a bar/pub? i know it is a restaurant (even though her tone of condescending voice made me feel like i was very low class at the moment) but most places just do not care.

anyway, i let it pass even though doug found her comment odd as well. perhaps it's just us.

i let doug sleep in as i snuck downstairs for a bowl of cereal. i was up at 7am…  without an alarm – just up! i guess i'm getting older… sleeping in isn't easy for me. so long as i get 7 hours of sleep at the minimal, i'm fine. believe me… i wanted to sleep more but i just simply couldn't.

i took the opportunity to read a little and to get on the computer while the house felt so quiet and empty.

he woke up at 9am, which i found to be hardly a true sleep-in, so i guess we'll be getting ready soon to hit the gym.

in the mean time, while i wait for him, i'm re-visiting haruki murakami's norwegian woods. i tried reading this before but failed in getting into it. so i had decided to return it to the library and try it again later down the road. i think the problem is that i tried to read it right after reading another murakami book. and, well, murakami can be surreal at times. and for some people, it takes awhile to digest his words before beginning a set of new ones.

anyway, i'm only about a quarter into the novel but am eating it up!

at the moment, the main character and narrative, has fallen to what i call a 'fifth business' type role (a la robertson davies style). and it's so strange. he was so active in the way he expressed his thoughts of those around him, but with the new character just introduced one or two chapters ago, he's shut his thoughts almost entirely from the reader, aside from just little things he's noticed enough to describe. and while he still IS the narrative of the story, it's this new female character that is doing all the talking.

to be honest, she's talking way too much for my liking.

i wish she would just shut it already.

or that he would move on from her.

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3 thoughts on “pub fare and boddingtons

  1. ooh i really like boddingtons!
    to be honest, one of my pet peeves is when people take their shoes off in restaurants. i have an aunt who does that and i know in asian culture this seems to be pretty common (i've seen it done a lot by other people in korean restaurants) but i don't think i will ever be ok with it.
    i really enjoyed norweigan wood.

    • I understand about the feet thing for some people. But she didn’t need to treat me like a criminal for the rest of the night. When we left, she continued to stare at me like I was the most horrible person in the world! I actually think she is racist against chinese people. It was not the first time I was and other asians had been treated badly by her.

  2. i'm afraid i'm guilty of removing my shoes and putting my feet up on seats in not just restaurants, but everywhere (including work meetings). the reason is that i'm very short and there are very few chairs that are low enough for my feet to rest on the floor instead of dangling uncomfortably (and painfully if i'm seated for a length of time). i read norwegian wood sometime last year and although i completed it, i don't think it really sank in.

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