QotD: Online Splurge

You have $100 to spend online in the next hour.  How are you going to spend it?

it's still something i want to have… and eventually, i will have it. so if i had $100 to spend online, why not? my inner geek deserves it. it's been too long since i've treated myself.

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7 thoughts on “QotD: Online Splurge

  1. It's really convenient for when you go running because you can clip it on your waist band or collar. I bought one for myself and best friend for a half marathon we're doing on October- I think they came out to $86 each. 🙂

  2. nope! i want the smallest and simplest one. especially for the convenience of clipping it on me while i'm at the gym. a lot of people who use it for that purpose said it's great a great deal.if i do ever want a nano, i would just upgrade diretly to an ipod.

  3. well, the zen mp3 player is definitely cheaper. for me it boils down to the technology of compression of the zen player versus the shuffle… and the battery usage. ahh… decisions, decisions…

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