changes in civic long weekend plans…

well, we didn't get to do anything we had planned to do for this weekend…

mainly, chaeli came down with a bad cough and fever yesterday, which meant we had to cancel out on my friends' four year old daughter's birthday party that happened today.

and secondly, doug's work was really short staffed. and on such a last minute notice, doug's manager had a hard time filling in the hours. so… that meant that after my dad's birthday dinner celebration friday night, doug had to go back to work to cover for a couple of hours, after already working overtime for 11 hours earlier that day.

and while they were able to get some fillers, doug had to work all of saturday for 12 hours and tonight, he's working over night for another 12 hours.

i was disappointed but not entirely upset. it wasn't his manager's fault that the new guy just decided to not show up, leaving everyone else in a tizzy. and i know that in the long run, doug saving the day will pay off in the future. it's allowing him a chance to shine. i just worry about his health when he has so little sleep.'

i felt bad for chaeli the most, though. not only was she expecting a solid, family weekend (as it is the long weekend here), but on top of that, she gets sick. she's a lot better today but i spent a good portion of today trying to keep her occupied so that doug could sleep after lunch until he had to wake up and get ready for work again.

things we did today included:

  • having a pretend picnic on the carpet

  • drawing with pencil crayons and embellishing with stamps and stickers
  • reading her currently favourite book, "down at the seaweed cafe" (which i will be reading to her again before bedtime tonight, i'm sure) – we found this gem at the library the other day and i'm enjoying it as much as she is!
  • playing with play dough
  • having a tea party
  • watching 'cars', since that's her favourite movie of all times

i'm pooped myself. which is exactly why i left the movie until the end. it gives me the chance to just veg out and relax a little before i have to get her ready for bed.

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