QotD: My Solo Getaway

Would you go on vacation by yourself, and if so where would you go?
Submitted by Sean & Stefan.

i would definitely go on vacation by myself! i think it's one of those cool experiences everyone should consider doing at least once in their life. you can learn a lot about yourself while being alone somewhere different.

for me, it's a little odd to see myself going somewhere on my own now that i am married with a kid. but before getting married, i'd probably stick with just north america. or go on a cruise on my own. adventures are great but they still need to be on the safe side, after all.

i have gone away for the weekend on my own – boston and ottawa. it was great but i have to say that by the end of the trip, it was nice to have a conversation with others again. being on my own, i got to experience true solitude but the silence sometimes got to me. especially at night in the hotel room.

now, if i had the luxury of going away, i would probably just go to one of those weekend, spa get-aways.

otherwise, i'd rather be with doug and chaeli.

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