iphone bandwagon: allow me to geek out for a moment…

a friend of mine was visiting from the states and dropped in for dinner last night with his wife and daughter.

not too long after we finished dinner, he whipped out his iphone (which he got for FREE because his work wanted him to test it out – what a dog, man) and handed it over for me to play with.

now, i'm not an apple whore like many people in my industry because at the end of the day, so long as the computer works well and has all the required software that i need i really don't give a rat's ass what computer i'm working on – i'm not an apple snob or a pc geek… just a geek, PERIOD! but i must say that apple is ahead in it's game in marketing such a versatile, hand-held, wireless communication/entertainment system.

why? because nothing on it is new. it's all based on previous technology and previous applications. however, apple has not only been able to combine it all in the palm of one's hand, but has built an interface, with touch-screen technology, that makes it incredibly easy to use. VERY easy… i got the hang of it within two minutes with little help from my friend.

the cost… several hundred dollars (USD) PLUS the monthly fee (which varies depending how much one will use it) for a contract of a couple of years. it can definitely add up especially after downloading anything else that you wish to have on it.

it's expensive. but no doubt, i can see it selling… because when it comes down to it, it's saving people a lot more money if they were to buy all the gadgets that they needed to make up what's on the iphone. plus, the iphone has so much more. the added bonus is that one needs just the iphone…  instead of worrying about carrying up to five other hand-held systems.

would i buy it? probably not. i'm happy with my little virgin mobile's pay as you go plan, which i hardly use… but if i was ever in a position to require something more for traveling and/or business, i would definitely consider an iphone.

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