brunch, monday marsh hike, grill meals

this morning, we tried out our new bbq griddle. for less than $20, we purchased this bbq accessory (by grill pro for those interested) which goes right over the grill. and believe me, it was worth the money! to have bacon and eggs outside WITHOUT leaving that greasy bacon smell throughout the house, just made it more tastier! not to mention that we got to eat outside on a beautiful long weekend morning, under the shade of a big tree. you can't start a day better then that! 🙂

after cleaning up from our yummy brunch, doug dragged chaeli and i to the rouge river conservation marsh. there's a few trails that stem from that area and he's been dying to go for over a year now.

i have to admit that it was a good idea – the walk allowed us to teach chaeli about the wildlife and the importance of its ecosystem. lord knows what information she actually understood but it's a step towards the right direction.

a lake north-east of toronto has recently been a mystery, as all the carps have all of the sudden, died. i've heard some people exclaim, "well, who cares? it's carps! they're just bottom-feeders!" it makes me sad. i don't want chaeli growing up not realizing how important and delicate it is to keep the balance of any ecosystem. the dying carps is just a mere symptom that something is wrong… and that the bigger effects are on its way if nothing is done to fix this problem.

for both lunch and dinner (which is yet to be had), i'm totally going all out on our grill! i don't know what it is but i just do not want to cook inside today. so for lunch, we finished off some hamburgers left over in the freezer, and for lunch, i'm yet again, making lemonade chicken!

this time, i'm letting it marinade for an hour longer… can't wait!

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