canada long weekend

i'm extremely relieved it's the long weekend. more so, because i finally got a day off for myself, making it a four-day weekend rather then a three-day weekend. an actual vacation day where i wasn't running to different appointments, taking care of a sick kid or sick myself but using a vacation day after using up my sick days.

yesterday, i even got a chance to sit outside on our back with some chilled juice mixed with club soda as i read the short story '1408' from stephen king's 'everything's eventual,' a collection of 14 dark tales. i'm not a huge stephen king fan not because i don't like his work but because i find his stuff way too creepy. but i'm able to read some of his short stories.

at the moment, i'm at my parent's house, waiting for a prime rib roast dinner. yum! i made sure to have a salad for lunch as well as a good morning workout in preparation of today's feast (and the weekend's feast altogether).

i've already had three glasses of sangri and am feeling the effects. and we'll be opening a chilled bottle of green-apple-flavoured white wine for dinner. or a bottle of red. i'm hoping for the red, of course, since it will go well with the prime rib roast.

while chaeli played with online kid's games with my dad, doug and i sat out on their back porch and sipped our sangria. it's a beautiful day – the sky is pearcing blue with white fluffy clouds. and while the afternoon sun has been  strong all day, it's not humid but a very comfortable climate. there's a bit of summer breeze that comes every now and then.

we didn't do much but just sit there and enjoy the silence together for awhile. then doug talked about all the things he wanted to buy for camping. i listened and then talked him out of all of them, except for one item. 🙂

*sigh* what a perfect little moment. too bad it was interreupted by chaeli's crying fit.

'tis a life of a parent, i suppose. you take what you can get! even if just for 15 minutes.

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2 thoughts on “canada long weekend

  1. Beautiful day today! And I agree – we noticed the sky, as well (rather, Miyoko did, and pointed it out to us)… a gorgeous, bright blue spotted with those clouds that look like cotton balls. Just perfect.

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