QotD: Current TV

After all the recent season and series finales, what are you watching on TV these days?

come spring/summer, when all the more intense, prime-time drama's end, i only watch comedies/light entertainment. and while i've lone ago let go of my crutch for reality shows such as 'survivor' i am really enjoying 'so you think you can dance!' and before anyone who hasn't seen this show start to say that is the dance version of 'american idol', let me just say that there is not one judge that is simon-esque like in this show. and if there were, i would surely have stopped watching after the first show.

the judges in this show are honest but have more grace in delivering their critique without any low-blow insults. they are confident in their ability that any constructive criticism they give will only better the dancers before them. and, the talent that they find… is outstanding! i was surprised how much i got into it after the first season.

starting july 30th, will be the 2nd season of 'my boys' – a sitcom. it's about a woman who's definitely 'one of the boys'. she struggles in trying to juggle her 'bachelor-like life' with several of her best friends (only one of them being a girl) while dating and batting away stereotypes of what it means to be a girl (i.e. she hates anything 'girly-girl'). the type of humour is somewhat like sex-in-the-city, rather then a real sitcom.

i know it's one of those shows i can easily get sick of, but the problem is that i've became attached to all her male friends… each of them are quirky but necessary on the show.

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