library, bean salad and shrek the third…

this morning was the last saturday of chaeli's two hour independent class. at least for this season. if i want to enroll her for the next one, it won't be until fall. which is fine by me. our social calendar and adventuring outdoors perks up a few notches in the summer months. the only thing i want to enroll her in is a half an hour swimming class every saturday morning.

it was a great class for chaeli. she loved the creative outlet of painting, singing and making craft projects each week. the class is held in a secured room, inside the community centre owned by the city. the room is wonderful – clean, organized, chopped full of age appropriate toys, a little indoor climber and slide, as well as cool decoration for the toddler/pre-school age.

and i must admit that i'm going to miss my saturday, two hour mornings. on days like these, when doug isn't working, he'll walk chaeli over while i finish my morning workout and shower. i'll then walk over myself, stopping at the corner tim horton's for two small ice cappuccino's (one for doug and one for myself). i know – not the most nutritious of breakfasts but sometimes, that's all i want in the mornings. even after a morning workout, i'm just not ready for solid food until lunch time. we'll both have our frosty beverage in the eating area right outside of her classroom while we read the paper, chatting in between articles (i happened to have read a really good article by david suzuki himself). afterwards, we head over to the library, which is located on the west side of the building. doug goes straight to the magazine section while i linger on the internet. finally, i join doug with whatever book i happen to be reading, which happens to be 'the devil wears prada' (i was curious if the ending might have been different from the movie based on the original book).

by the end of two hours, we head over to the classroom and wait for the teacher(s) to open the doors.

this time, as it was their last class, we were all invited in to see all the kids sitting and munching away on their party snacks. they all wore orange hats made out of construction paper, as well as paper flowers stuck on them. the hats were huge… which made their heads look so much smaller.

after chaeli finished most of her mini-cupcake (ugh – i tried a little and it was WAY too sweet for me… are my taste buds getting older? because when i was younger, the rule was… the sweeter the better!) we left the building and let chaeli kick around the dandelions (now at their seed stage).

i mentioned to doug yesterday that i wouldn't mind eating light today… and perhaps we can have a mixed bean salad. when we got home, i fixed two sesame-toasted bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon while he went away on making that salad. chaeli had a bowl of mixed beans with no dressing (as she prefers it). the salad was delicious. and definitely very light.

i must have fallen asleep on the couch after lunch while reading and waiting for both doug and chaeli to finish their lunches (they are very slow eaters). when i woke up, they had made their way upstairs as to not disturb me. i got up and found them in the office.

nap time. it was a deal i made with chaeli. go down for a nap without a fuss and just MAYBE… we'll take her to see shrek the third tonight.

which should be, in itself, an interesting adventure… how will she be in a big theatre for the very first time? i'm a little nervous in finding out.

now if you'll excuse me… that nap i had started is begging to be finished!

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5 thoughts on “library, bean salad and shrek the third…

  1. i'm still working my way through it and have a lot to go. it's actually, quite a long book. it's very different in some aspects. i mean, one fifth of it it and miranda priestly has yet to make any appearance, other then her name!

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