‘under pressure’ tribute

sometimes, i feel like i was born too late. some of the greatest rock music, deemed as classics now, would have been an incredible experience to have watched live.

if only i had a time machine…

david bowie was one i've always wished i was able to see in concert in the earlier years. one of my favourite songs was  'under pressure' which he recorded as a duet with fred mercury from queen. for whatever reason, i thought they performed this song live? yet, i can not find anything except the following music video:

years later, i remember watching a tribute to fred mercury (who always had the BEST voice along with david bowie's lovely low, voice) where annie lennox partnered with bowie for a live performance of the song.

i was just in heaven – she had a similar energy to mercury but for me, to hear a female voice along side of bowie for this particular song was just all together, an all-time high.

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