miss funky and her funky pants


yet again, as the days get warmer, i realize that chaeli needs summer clothes.

i ran over to the children's place during my lunch break to take advantage of some of their spring and summer sales.

one of my favourite purchases was of these beach gaucho's i bought for her. i purposely bought her a size bigger then needed so for now, they look like cargo pants, but will be the perfect fit for next spring. she wore it with her white, ruffled sleeve t-shirt.

later that evening, i brought it out to show it to her.

i said, "chaeli, check out what mommy bought you! aren't these pants, funky?"

"yeah!" she exclaimed, "they're so funky!"

"that's right… you'll look so funky in them!"

"i'm funky, mommy! you're not funky. and daddy's not funky. but CHAELI's funky!"

yes m'am.

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