average asian

Average Asian
Average Asian Deux
Datin' Asian
Party Asian
Birthday Asian

i suppose one of the reasons why i love the 'Average Asian' skits from MadTV is simply because, while somewhat exaggerated, i've lived through so many of the above stereotypes! and i find it healthy to have a good laugh at them… not to condone the stereotypes but of how foolish it makes those that are doing the stereotyping makes themselves out to be!

about a couple of years ago, we were invited to a thunder bay wedding (a cousin of doug's).

i happened to open a page from her wedding invite package that said, "china." i assumed, at first glance, it was a list for her wedding registry. i mean… china… it's got to be about plates and serving dishes, right?

when it came time to pick out the wedding gift, i realized then, that 'china' was a subcategory for costumes at a nearby rental place in thunder bay. the wedding was themed to be a halloween event. (doug's cousin was a huge fan of halloween!)

under the category of 'china' were the following:

china girl

china girl? what the hell does a china girl look like? and geisha and ninja? wtf!? i read this out loud in front of my friends… they were on the ground laughing so hard they were almost crying! the costume rental place was so politically incorrect that this was actually hysterical!

a part of me wanted to fax that list back to the rental place to correct them. another part of me didn't feel like fighting that one, particular battle. i suppose one could argue that it was more ignorance then anything else, but it's both funny and annoying at the same time.

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5 thoughts on “average asian

  1. this is so funny. as the only asian family in the area where i grew up, i've encountered numerous stereotypes. it definitely is annoying. my former boss, who claimed to be so worldly and knowledgeable of all things asian, loved to talk about asian food. my favorite is when he said he loves to eat sushi…and when we go to a japanese restaurant, he'd order nothing but california rolls, egg rolls, chow mein, and rice (with soy sauce of course). or, he'd talk about this "authentic" korean restaurant in his hometown, where he could get sushi, fried rice, fried tempura. ignorance…

  2. i love the names north american chinese food gets.is there really anything as chop suey back in china? hong kong even? or general's chicken? lol!

  3. i love bobby lee! he would be, like, the best drinking buddy in the world!
    and i know what you mean. i had this student once (quebecois) who learned that i spoke mandarin. he was always trying to get me to chat with his vietnamese colleague but i kept telling him "vietnamese and mandarin are completely unrelated languages. like russian and french!" (and at least those are both indo-european!) but he could NOT get his head around this idea. every bloody week: "OH, you should talk to chan! i'd love to hear you two speak together!!" it annoyed me incredibly but the vietnamese guy just shrugged and laughed it off.

  4. So hilarious. My husband is from a small town in upstate NY which had 3 Asians—a Korean war bride and her 2 Asian-American sons. They were dumbstruck when they met me, and immediately wanted to go for "oriental" food. They were amazed at my accent-less english. Isn't it amazing that despite travel and media, there are still lots of folks out there that don't get it?

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