a gift to me on mother’s day

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 2: Dangerous
Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3: Torn

now that i'm a mother, i truly understand why mother's day is so important.

i now rank it as even higher then my own birthday. and it's not that i expect gifts. not at all. i would be happy with no gifts. all i ask is for some peace and quiet. and just an acknowledgment of the work i put into not just as a mother, but wife to my household.

so… as a gift to myself, i'm going to ask that doug take chaeli for a bit so i can go get a manicure. i'm also going to go shopping for myself. i've been meaning to get the 8th season offriends and the 2nd and 3rd volume of 'The Astonishing X-men" graphic novel series.

i do deserve it.

plus, that pitcher of sangria this saturday won't hurt either…

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3 thoughts on “a gift to me on mother’s day

  1. My wish for mother's day is a bit different, at least on the surface. Read on…I actually want nothing more than to spend all day Mother's Day with my kids. To be clear, I want G to be home for Mother's Day, and take responsibility for the nitty-gritty of their care (ie, if I don't have to deal with getting M balanced meals, or change a poopy diaper all day, that would be ideal), but I definitely want to be with them for the fun/good stuff, and bask in the knowledge that I'm mom to these two kids.That being said, I do hope that my Mother's Day card from G contains at least one coupon for some me-time that I can cash in on another day in the near future! Hee hee. 🙂

  2. doug might have to work saturday, so i'll be spending quality time with chaeli tomorrow. which isn't so bad. she's got that 2 hour class in the morning, then we'll go grocery shopping, have lunch, and get ready for her afternoon nap. after she wakes up, i'll let her help prepare the appetizers for when my parents come over for mother's day dinner.i did this on purpose because that way, doug, chaeli and i are completely on our own on sunday! the manicure may have to wait since he's not home tomorrow (that's when i planned on doing it) but if the weather is gorgeous, we'll most likely go somewhere… the zoo, high park or the rouge marsh.

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