chaeli hearts brayden


chaeli: "pwo-pwo's married."

me: "that's right, pwo-pwo's married to gong-gong… just like mommy is married to daddy."

chaeli: "yeah! me too!"

me: "you too what?"

chaeli: "i'm going to get married."

me: "to who?"

chaeli: "i'm going to marry brayden!"

me: "oh yeah? you sure about that?"

chaeli: "yeah… he's SOOOO great!"

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5 thoughts on “chaeli hearts brayden

  1. yeah, brayden is a little intimidated of chaeli. you gotta to know how opposite they are in personality. chaeli is very out-going, brayden, is not. chaeli is not shy… brayden is extremely shy. chaeli is bossy… and brayden… well, he's happy to be lead. maybe that is why she likes him so much – opposites attract! :)when chaeli was just 9 months old, she crawled up to poor brayden (almost a year older then her) who was already trying to seek shelter between his dad's legs… she pulled herself up to her feet and would try and kiss brayden over and over.needless to say, brayden cried!

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