chaeli speaks up

doug was driving chaeli home from pre-shcool yesterday… i guess chaeli was trying to say something because she said to doug, “daddy… listen to my voice! it’s my turn to talk!”

so, trying to encourage her that taking part in a conversation requires taking turns in talking, doug said, “well, okay… go ahead then…”

and so, like chaeli is famous for, she rambled on and on… gabbing about everything and anything regardless of whether or not any of it made much sense.

but then, she all of the sudden, just stopped. which prompted doug to ask, “is that it? you can talk some more, you know?”

in which chaeli replied, “no… my mouth is too tired, daddy.”

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5 thoughts on “chaeli speaks up

  1. lol! we were quite surprised to hear it ourselves! it was funny, though. 🙂 i promise you, this was one of those rare moments in a day in the life of chaeli….

  2. awesome! another parent who banns talking and any other excessive noise in the car. i have taught chaeli to keep the talking down to a minimum because her volume is so loud when she talks or sings that i nearly get into accidents due to her gabbing!

  3. Chaeli sounds so adorable! I can see that having an enthusiastic 'chatter' in the car could be distracting…I find that to be true even with just a hubby…personally, I prefer to sing, rather than talk, as I drive. ^_^

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