banner making: vox colour schemes

when vox started to go liv e with their new layout templates for personalized banners (due to the menu layout changes as have witnessed yourself), i realized that most of my old, photoshop brush banners no longer match the new colour schemes.

i actually really hope that vox allows us to choose the colours. as well as colours for our text (i.e. subject heading and links).

for the time being, for those that like to match your banner designs to the tri-colour schemes, i have created 'swatches' for you to use when in photoshop (just use the eyedropper on these swatches to get the colour you want).


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10 thoughts on “banner making: vox colour schemes

  1. WOW-Shy that was so nice of you. This is a most useful tool – absolutely.
    *** Of course you've now taken away my excuse of "too lazy to look" but that's okay. I will get over it.
    Seriously: Thanks so much for taking the time and your thoughtfulness in doing this.

  2. I hope as time goes on, Vox allows the members to completely design a skin as the WordPress folks do. Then those of us who want to control every bit of detail, like me, could do so.

  3. Awesome! Thanks! I was just lamenting how none of the colors go with my banners. Why can't they just have plain white. I'm all into minimalism and letting my banners do the talking!

  4. i agree… i really hope we get more colour control in the near future. because they recently gave us swatch choices for our menu bars (only in other areas other then our vox-blog page), i think this is something that may be in the works.

  5. Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to do this and for your generosity in sharing it. This is immensely helpful and time-saving.Oh, and for non-designer types, it might also help you to read this.

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