hello mrs. robinson

just watched 'rumor has it' for the 2nd time.

have to say that i wasn't a huge kevin costner fan. there were definitely several movies i loved, which starred him, but there were so many times i felt they made a mistake casting him in many other films.

yet, after watching 'rumor has it', i honestly think it was him that made the movie for me. well, that and shirley maclaine's ability to pass off the blunt and sarcastic grandmother.

what is it about the role that he played that was just so damn sexy? and might i add, he is sexier now in his upper years then he ever was.

his next movie is 'mr. brooks' which i'm actually looking forward to. it will be first thrller/horror flick i've wanted to watch in years.

i think, mainly, that i'm curious if costner can pull off the psycho-serial killer villain. he's got a kind face so it's not easy to imagine.

we'll see.

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8 thoughts on “hello mrs. robinson

  1. omg, i thought i was the only one that was strangely attracted to him in "rumour has it"! the whole time i was watching i was thinking, man i don't remember kevin costner ever being this fine!!

  2. i think it was the way he went after jennifer aniston's character. he was very confident and seductive without being slimy.yet… it was also weird. because he was going after a woman who is the daughter of a woman he had sex with in the past, and the granddaughter of another woman he had sex with in the past. i mean, i know they say that three's a charm but come on!had it been me in her shoes, would i have been able to do that? that's like a total greek tragedy! and kind of gross if you think about it.but, it's not like his character planned that. like he said, he only worried about what was in his present… which was damn sexy again!he's also got a great body… the man is in solid shape especially for his age.btw, i have a friend who wasn't a big costner fan but found him irresistible in this flick. so we're not the only ones! πŸ™‚

  3. yes you described it perfectly when you said he was confident & seductive without being slimy. that was key especially with him being so much older.
    i love my men confident to the point of a little cocky
    my current middle aged man obsession is kiefer sutherland.
    he's only 12 years older than me. that's doable right? =D

  4. key, kiefer is hot. especially as he plays the hot jack bauer.i must emphasize here… jack bauer kicks ass!12 years our senior is nothing. i've dated much older. πŸ™‚ but it was short and nothing happened. the longer was one that was 7 years older and it lasted for about three months.

  5. lol i'm so glad you agree with me on kiefer/jack. i had a 24 marathon on saturday (i'm on season 3) and i must have watched 8-10 episodes. and i still didn't get sick of him or the show.

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