photoblog: the easter egg hunt!

here's part two of our easter weekend festivities… the egg hunt! the full album set can be seen on my flickr account…

step 1: find and get the easter egg basket (in our case, it's a pail – i got tired of the flimsy basket that would never last for a full year).

step 2: look for all the treats hidden by the easter bunny.

step 3: put any found treats in the basket.

step 4: do a victory, egg hunt dance!

step 5: try on rain gear, the gift from the thunder bay grandparents, to make sure it fits.

okay, so that last step wasn't really part of the easter egg hunt. but my MIL wanted to make sure it fit. so i figure she'd enjoy a photo so she can see for herself!

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7 thoughts on “photoblog: the easter egg hunt!

  1. kinkish – wish i caught the victory dance on video! too funny!bev – thanks! i just have to get her some rain boots to go with it.

  2. My girls have their own victory dance – it's called the Monkey Dance of Lurve. It's used for many occasions, from being victorious, to getting them out of a funk, to just plain being silly.
    Yay for victory dances!

  3. when she was born, she looked more like me. very chinese with no trace of any caucasian features accept for her blue-grey eyes. now, she is mostly all doug, though there are certain facial expressions that are like me. or when she is being bossy – that's when she's like me as well. :p

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