yes, i happen to like raw fish…

many times while eating sushi, i'll get the odd comment, "ewww! raw food? gee… how good can that be?"

how culturally insensitive!

i mean…. shit.

i LOVE my sushi! and in particular, i love my salmon sashimi!!!

but more to the point, it IS pretty common now for those to eat sushi in north america. i could not imagine my life without it. so really, even though i know not all love it as much as i do, as it's a personal preference, must they make such a big deal out of it?

whatever happened to, "sushi, eh? i never could get into it but it seems like lots of people like it!"

and what the hell is raw food? do these people never eat salads? veggie sticks?

what the fuck?

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5 thoughts on “yes, i happen to like raw fish…

  1. jongo – i know. just looking at it makes me hungry even if i wasn't hungry to begin with!sunflowergurl – yes, there are many more gross things to eat other then sushi. like chocolate covered crickets. which i had this past sunday. :)key – it definitely is ignorance. and yes, sushi definitely does rock! my fave is nigiri. or just having sashimi with a bowl of rice.

  2. i love salmon sashimi, too. i've received numerous, "ew, raw!" comments but i don't mind them anymore. sometimes, just to make people squirm, i'd eat sashimi in front of them. haha.

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