growth spurt, like… to the max, dude!

chaeli has always had shorter legs in comparison to the rest her body. but as of the last month and a half, it seems as though the bottom of her body decided that it had better catch up to the top half.

the result of this is me scrounging around for anything that fits her. even larger pants that she can pass off if i just roll it up at the bottom.

i look at her birthday pictures from just a month ago and realize that the pair of jeans she wore that day fitted perfectly. but now, it, and the rest of her 2T pants, are two inches too short. and most of them, are also starting to get too snug around her waist. she has a lot of tops, though. even if she's grown out of most or her 3T tops… thanks to end-of-season sales, my mom went out and bought her sizes 4T and 5T.

though, personally, i hate buying tops until i have a vision of what the bottoms that they will go with, look like. i buy outfits, not singular clothing items. and i honestly wish my mother would just stop buying so much for chaeli.

with her starting full-time pre-school, i seriously do not have enough clothes for her. so, i'll be hitting both old navy and children's place very soon for a mini-shopping spree just for chaeli.

on the left, are some outfits i created by browsing through their sites.

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3 thoughts on “growth spurt, like… to the max, dude!

  1. lol! they are totally in. :)don't worry, i thought of that. for the spring/summer. but unfortunately, as i forgot to mention, i still need winter clothes. we still have a couple of more snowfalls/storms to hit before our winter is officially over.i was also thinking of cutting her existing jeans into shorts but they are too tight around her waistline.

  2. Hey Shy, love the St. Paddy's day banner – Cool!
    As for Chaeli's clothes, that reminds me I need to get new clothes too! ;^)
    I remember going through a mega growth spurt when I was a kid – growing 2 inches in 6 months – but Chaeli is growing super fast. Good luck on the shopping – You may need to shop again in 3 months!

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