Vox Hunt: Not There Anymore

Show us a picture of where you used to be.

i loved highway one and the 17 mile drive. i loved that entire coast and have driven through it three times.

i often wonder if i could ever do it alone. and to be honest… i couldn't. i would get overly restless. the silence, when not shared with another, would deafen me.

there is something about this place… the significance of it… for me, the natural beauty of this place combined with all its memories would make me feel so lonely if i ever were to go alone.

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2 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Not There Anymore

  1. i wish it was lake ontario! sadly, it is not. it's just outside of monterey bay of northern california. this stop is part of the 17-mile drive, which is part of highway one. highway one is a beautiful, scenic drive along the west coast of california. for a good part of it, it's nestled between the ocean and the mountains, which makes a spectacular road trip.

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