girls just want to have fun…

mad-boy called me last night to let me know of the good news… that he's now a proud daddy of a beautiful, little girl!

i knew his wife was in labor but at the time, was waiting to hear how far she progressed. but all through yesterday, they were in my thoughts. i kept on wondering, "is the baby here yet?"

some friends, you are happy for with such wonderful news. it's good news, after all. but then there are those special friends where you really just feel emotional about the entire thing… this is definitely one of them. i just wish i could be there in san francisco right now to see them.

so i did the next best thing i could.. promise a trip later on this year and send them some cool, baby clothes from children's place

i bought the sizes for 6-9 months, just in time for spring/summer.

i rarely buy clothes for newborns that are smaller then 6 months. i remember how chaeli got so much clothing for a newborn, and by the 2nd week, she was already starting to grow out of them. it's a waste, really. the way i see it, you can go to walmart and save some money on newborn clothes. or get hand-me downs (always the best for the earlier months).

i hope they like the outfit i bought their little one… both T's go with the pants (cause i also remember how many shirts chaeli went through as a baby in half a day alone!)

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