growth spurts


i'm always amazed when chaeli prepares for a growth spurt. even to this day, when it shouldn't be a surprise, when i find myself giving not just seconds but thirds during meal time.

she's a pretty good eater… always eating an adequate amount. not too much but not too little. but right before a growth spurt, she really packs on the calories.

for example, today, i decided to do the lazy-mom thing and order in pizza and wings. this is what chaeli had:

  • six wings
  • a plate full of fries
  • three glasses of milk

she'll be like this for two or three days and then go right back to her normal amount of eating. within the next month, i'll notice her lengthen. it still astounds me how nature works in a growing child.

for the past couple of weeks, her class has been learning about animals from the arctic. last week was all about penguins. this week is about polar bears.

i'm for-seeing a trip to the zoo to visit some polar bears.

but not until next weekend. chaeli is having a sleepover at my parents place this weekend which means doug and i will get a chance to have a saturday night date.

place of dinner, to be announced…

but I'm hoping it will be a nice establishment.

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7 thoughts on “growth spurts

  1. I can still remember seeing pics of Chaeli when she was but a wee babe. Now she's a big girl! I can't believe she can drink 3 glasses of milk but like they say milk does the body good. =)

  2. oops. i should have specified that it was a kid's cup! which hold about 1/2 a cup. so she had 1.5 cups of milk. which is a lot for a little one. 🙂

  3. i know! i usually give her 2/3 to start with but was amazed whenever she said 'more please! i want more, mommy!'as you can see, she is slowly starting to get that useing the word 'please' will benefit her greatly. 😉 sometimes she forgets and the old 'i want' and 'give me' comes back.

  4. can she be any cuter!!? i love her hair and her skin and she's so adorable. i notice growth spurts w/ my nieces too. they eat a lot and then all of the sudden they grow inches and thin out a bit before the next spurt.

  5. yeah, it's sort of funny. because chaeli eats alot and before she lengthens out, she actually looks slightly chubbier. like a bit of a wider face and a little pot belly. lol! it lasts for a week or two and then she grows out of it.
    when she goes through a major growth spurt, she can grow as tall as one inch more. there's been at least a couple of times in the past, where her and i had to go for an emergency shopping (mini) spree to get her pants that fit! 🙂

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