L word

i'm about one 1/3rd into season three of the L word.

it's been awhile since i saw the first two seasons. i had forgotten how much i love it. in fact, i think the third season is so far the best that i've seen.

i've already started tearing up a quarter of the way into it. the drama seems more real and intense this time around. the 2nd season was also intense but it didn't feel as real to me. even though i connected so strongly with shane and a couple of others. but now… pretty much all the characters are pulling some strings of my heart.

what's particularly interesting is watching shane struggle with being monogamous with carmen. then again, shane is like… the goddess of the show to me. she's definitely not the most glamorous or pretty character. but she is absolutely amazing. her personality is so strong and beautiful.

there's also a part of me that can't help but remember violca whenever i see shane. violca had that air to her. she was definitely always landing the most sexiest and gorgeous women. exactly like shane. and she was so confident when she around them. and others. it was like… "this is my world. it's nothing fancy. it's honest and open. and you're totally welcomed. so long as you're not an asshole." exactly… like shane.

violca came up to me the first time she met me at a party. and told me something. and i keep on trying to replay it in my mind over and over again what it was that she said exactly. it was something nice. something about me looking good or attractive or… something. i think she meant that i looked as good as i did in the pictures she saw of me before we had met.

i mean, there i was… i had never met this woman before. i just knew that she was violca… a sexy dj. and yet, when she came up to me, so confident and sexy, and told me all that… i was… well, on cloud nine.

i was so happy. she just had a way of doing this to others. and it wasn't that i felt like my ego had been stroked. it wasn't like that at all. she just lifted me onto a higher plane, yet grounded me at the same time. all within just a couple of minutes.

at the end of the party, i kissed her. and thanked her. well.. i apologized first for just kissing her like that. it wasn't the nicest thing for me to do knowing she had a girlfriend (whom was pretty cool about it anyway, since it didn't mean anything).

she told me not to worry. that she was honoured to have been kissed by me.

well okay… perhaps that last line did stroke my ego. just a little bit. 🙂

anyway, the ladies of L word are talented and beautiful as ever…

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2 thoughts on “L word

  1. i've had so many friends who love this show, but i've never seen it! i know i should. we were going to have, in fact, an L word party at our place last year, but it never transpired…
    we are on season 3 of queer as folk and i imagine that the L word is better. queer as folk is, for the most part, pretty badly written and the acting is marginal. but i still like it!

  2. i haven't seen queer as folk. i'm not sure if i get it anymore? if i do, it will probably be on Showtime. which, i think, is where L-Word can be found. unfortunately, L-Word being an american show (HBO i think) airs in january in the states and then airs in canada the following september. so i just wait to borrow the dvd from my friend. L-Word has good acting. it's funny and sad and to be honest, has a bit of the prime-time drama type appeal. so you know… sex in the city meets girl version of queer as folks meets desperate house wives (or something like that).i'm addicted! and the sex scenes are so HOT! none of the porn-type lesbian sex scenes geared towards straight men. really hot and passionate scenes. some very romantic. tasteful as well. also way more believable then porn-scenes.

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