our t.v. in our bedroom broke. for whatever reason, it just won't turn on today. doug is trying to see if he can figure out what's up with it but to be honest, i think this is an excellent opportunity to watch less t.v. so we can listen to more music and read more.

i've currently got david bowie's 'the singles 1969 to 1993' plugged in as i drink some chilled chardonnay-vidal and work on my sudoku puzzle book.

listening to some oldie bowie is making me deliriously content. i listened to this album like crazy while in university. it would travel with my disc-man where ever i went. i can't believe that i haven't listened to this album all that often then i have.

what a shame.

i have never seen this man in concert. i sometimes i wish i was old enough to catch him in his earlier years. of course, some of the bowie classic was played/performed before i was born or when i was just a baby.

i still crush after david bowie, too. after all these years.

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