i'm addicted.

we went to dollarama this afternoon to pick up some generic supplies. while there, i was reminded that ada told me to check on the puzzle section. so… i did.

and she was right.

there, on the top row, were four editions of sudoku puzzles. each having 200 puzzles.

i am in sudoku heaven!

i've done about 6 of them today. and am officially sudoku-ed out. just for today though.

this morning, i started off the day with a cup of tea while taking an a.m. hot bath, while doug snoozed and chaeli watched some new dvd's of Max and Ruby.

she actually let doug sleep and left me alone to enjoy an entire bath without any interruptions.

thank. god.

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2 thoughts on “suuu-dooo-kuuu!!!

  1. oh i love the dollarama!
    but i have to say that the ones in tokyo are the BEST. one in machida has like 6 floors and each floor is twice as big as the biggest dollar shops here in montreal. that place has EVERYTHING and it's all 100 yen (about one dollar). those beautiful japanese dishes you see in shops that cost like $25 can be had for, you guessed it, a DOLLAR (if you're in tokyo).
    and a lot more than dishes!

  2. i would go nuts in tokyo at their dollar stores!it's great when you're on a budget. sometimes, when i have an urge to shop but can not afford to spend much, i go to dollarama to buy myself (and chaeli) and treat.

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