Group of Seven

as mentioned here, one of my favourite paintings is from Lawren Harris, a member of the Group of Seven.

lately, i've been getting back into studying about the Group of Seven. and while i love that particular painting, my mood definitely reflects which work from the Group of Seven is my favourite.

we actually have one limited edition print that was signed by A. J. Casson. it's one of the 500-something prints existing. it's the only 'art' thing that i own! i'm not a huge collector. i'm also not very educated when it comes to art. like when it comes to wine, i'm not an art snob. if i like it, i like it. regardless of who the artist is/was. i've seen some lovely art by local artists who are anything close but from being famous. if the work provokes some level of emotion, then it's captured my heart.

here is the painting that hangs in our living room… called "Country Road" i believe. It was given to us as a wedding present:

there were a series of autumn paintings that showcased the beautiful, rich colours of the changing leaves. this one, however, is my favourite.

below is another one that i'm fond of, by A. J. Casson, entited "Saturday Afternoon":

it's just such a peaceful setting of the country. i almost wish i could visit it. not just the location but the time setting it took place while he painted this.

Franklin Carmichael created a series of paintings of lakes… Mirror Lake being one of his studies. it's the soft flow of curves that captures my eyes here:


and to follow my previous post on Lawren Harris, who is probably my favourite artist of the Group of Sevens, his dark images of islands and iceberg is what i seek when i need solitude:


while Lawren Harris keeps the feeling of solitude in his following works on mountains, there's a more starker contrast of light and dark colours, as well as sharper lines. i simply love these paintings:


finally, probably a favourite painting not just for myself but so many others. "Pic Island" by Lawren Harris…

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One thought on “Group of Seven

  1. Can I tell you which is my favourite?"White Pine" by A. J. Casson. I don't have the actual painting in our house, only a postcard.You know, the paintings by Lawren Harris remind me of some works by Nikolai Rerich.For example, look at this one – Bramaputra (I hope the link is working).

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