it’s not all about raw fish

one of my pet peeves are people who just won't open their mind to getting their facts straight.

in the last couple of weeks, i've met two people who automatically associated japanese food with raw fish.

in which i'll look at them and clarify that japanese food is not all about raw fish… that sashimi is only a part of the culture… and that most of japanese cuisine is completely cooked.

to which, i'm ignored as they go on and on about how disgusting it is to eat raw fish and how you couldn't pay them a million buck to eat it.

and then that one thought enters my mind…

you wouldn't eat raw fish for a million bucks? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU???

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One thought on “it’s not all about raw fish

  1. lol. I've heard this before, too. Not so much about japanese food in general, but about sushi. Sushi doesn't have
    to be raw, but I don't even bother saying that to the people who say
    "eww, no sushi for me, I'm not eating raw fish." Their
    loss. 🙂

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