busy sundays…

today has been going by way too fast. totally unfair, if you ask me…

i'm still getting over this flu so i'm at slo-mo with everything that i do. fortunately, doug took care of the little cheeky monkey, allowing me to sleep past 10am. i had almost 12 hours of sleep. mind you, i was also knocked out by the abundance of different cough and cold medications.

i probably needed the sleep. but i absolutely hate sleeping in. especially on a day that allows me to get a lot of errands done. so, once i woke up and realized what time it was, i rushed downstairs for breakfast, went back up to wash up and change, and headed out the door…

since then i have been able to:

  • buy a pair of dark jeans, button-down black shirt, casual khaki pants and a belt – all on sale (i've dropped down a size in cloths and desperately needed some replacements as some of my older stuff is falling off my hips!)
  • buy a couple of stocking stuffers for the kids
  • pick-up my order of photo prints and customized christmas cards
  • do the dishes (twice! good lord does doug and chaeli produce a lot of dirty dishes)
  • the laundry
  • put together some mini-photo albums (with ordered photo prints) as chaeli's presents to some family members
  • email a friend asking about other stores to buy golf stuff for my dad (other then 'golf town)
  • update some spreadsheets
  • search online for more christmas idea for the kids (i'm having the hardest time for my friends' kids this year)
  • clean up a bit of chaeli's toys on the floor

finally, it's now just past 4pm and i'm able to find time to sit down with a cup of tea and blog. but not for long, as we promised chaeli we'd spend some time baking cookies this afternoon.

i also took a short break and finished the a chapter in The Art of Happiness. i bought this book a long time ago and completely forgot it was in my library collection. i suppose it's like one of those pop-psychology, self-help books – which i usually am not a fan of – but this one was brought to my attention because the psychologist collaborated this book directly with the dalai lama.

edit: just to add, it appears that the day's business kept on going…

i've also had the chance to pack my gym cloths for tomorrow, pack my lunch, do two more batch of dishes (i'm not kidding – doug produces a LOT of dirty dishes so lets just assume i'll have at least one more batch to do before i go to sleep), start reading the next tutorial for night class, and spend quality time with chaeli (played on the Wiggle's site, made cookies with her and watched a wiggle's dvd with her). this is on top of the usual parent stuff…

the day's not over as well… still need to fold the laundry and would really like to spend tonight doing some craft.

geez… wish me luck.

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