as long as i can remember, i've been eating the ever-so-famous, chinese mooncake about twice a year… once during chinese new year and once during the chinese autumn festival. if i could narrow this twice a year tradition down to one, i would… for i have had one too many mooncakes in my lifetime. honestly… it's just not my thing.

having said that, chaeli loves it, so i suppose i'm glad she's catching on to some of the chinese traditions. of course, i'm researching into buying kids books that explain to her about some of the chinese festivities. while doug, i'm sure, will dig up information about her celtic heritage. which, i find, is much easier to find as far as good reads. plus, she's already addicted to haggis, so… you know… it's all about the haggis! and single-malt scotch. but she won't be able to attend those scotch-tasting events until she's much older.

anyway, i have no idea what some of the good reads are for kids… if anyone has any suggestions, i'm open for them. so far, my search results are as follows:

Chines New Year for Kids
Dragon Dance

and something else not related to chinese new year but was rated fairly high on the list for children's book:

Dim Sum for Everyone

santa may be getting her the above book for chirstmas!

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4 thoughts on “moooooon-cake!

  1. The best of both worlds! What are Chinese mooncakes?Our library has a Robert Burns night every year where a local journalist recites poetry in dialect and then we eat haggis and drink scotch. Seriously.Chaeli doesn't know yet what's in the haggis, does she? heehee

  2. the mooncakes are generally like pastries though the shell isn't flakey but more moist and dense. it's a thin shell that holds together a dense interior… made of taro or green beans or red beans… at least i think they are. in the middle is the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. slight salty.chaeli doen't know what's in a haggis yet. that's for sure! but she's growing up eating sushi, pate and chinese dim sum style chicken feet. hopefully, haggis ingredients will be easy-peasy!

  3. Sorry, nothing about mooncakes or haggis, but do you let Chaeli have
    sashimi or roe yet? Just wondering if there's a 'standard' age
    for introducing that.

    M eats sushi, but only because she considers it RICE.

  4. i let her eat both though she's not into the roe. just the sashimi. i think she's been eating it for at least a year now. sometimes at 18 months?if there is a standard age, i wouldn't know. 🙂

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